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A608mini, the smallest 8MB Fast RAM for Amiga 600.

A608mini is a Fast RAM expasnion dedicated for Amiga computer, it has 8MB of Fast RAM allocated as:
8MB is $00200000 – $009FFFFF
4MB $00200000 – $005FFFFF (for use with PCMCIA)

Dimension of pcb is 50x35mm only.

Configuration file: Download

Hardware/Firmware Designer R. G. Chyła „Sanjyuubi”

Amiga 1200 A1208 Fast RAM 8MB v1.1
Specification: 8MB Fast RAM

This card will speed up your Amiga up to 2-3 times (2.92 MIPS regarding to SysInfo 4.0). Card options are controlled from Shell or jumper (PCMCIA Compatible 4MB).
Now it is possible configured from GUI level.

Configuration file (from shell): Download
Graphic Configuration Tool: Download

Hardware Designer Lukzer
Firmware Designer Lukzer / Sanjyuubi helped to create a1208cfg file
GUI Designer pong777

Amiga A600 Fast RAM 9,5MB
Specification: Fast RAM 8MB
Slow RAM 1.5MB

Totally you have 9.5MB of RAM to use in your Amiga. Expansion recommended to WHDLoad.

A6095 has jumpers to set up expansion in 3 other modes:
on/off – turn on/off expansion
RTS CFG – Switching expansion in PCMCIA mode 5.5 or 9.5MB. When you press and hold keyboard soft reset (left A+ right A+ ctrl) on 3 sec. expansion will switch beetween mode 5.5/9.5MB
Slow Only – you set up expansion with 1.5MB slow memory only.

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